Taipei Excellence International Piano and Violin Competition

2022 Coming soon!


Music, Art, and Everything in Between.

Why do we provide supreme environment?
Just imagine how frustrating when your creativity starts overflowing, and all you have is a pen out of ink.
We believe a high-quality performance environment enables contestants to play their ability to the full. For all these years, we have been insisting on providing supreme and well-equipped environment to ensure every sound projects naturally and correctly. Also, contestants have complete freedom of musical expression by playing Steinway & Sons D-274.

Why do we provide professional recordings?
Every contestant puts their heart and soul into practicing to participate in a competition. Therefore, we provide a well-equipped stage to bring out one’s best condition. In addition to the distinguished venue, we provide a high-quality live recording video for each contestant to treasure their own greatest version of performance and the impressive moment on stage.

Pursue Excellence in Music

There are no shortcuts to success. It takes a lot of effort and concentration in terms of constant practice of the same piece of music to achieve better performance. Excellence Music Competition Series support young musicians by providing supreme environment and instruments. Also, we invite prestigious international jury members to give contestants the most professional remarks every year. We aim to foster and enhance participants’ aesthetic sensibility in music and to reveal talented musicians. Most importantly, we will accompany young musicians to push themselves to the limit to discover the hidden treasures within themselves, and to become more outstanding musicians and music lovers as always.